The Illustrated London News
Edgar Allan Poe: An Eternal Mourning
Robert Browning: My Last Duchess
Victorian Death
Rudyard Kipling: Mandalay
The Pre-Raphaelites
William Henry Hunt: The Victorian Watercolour
The Chartists

Joseph Chamberlain and Tariff Reform
Disraeli and Gladstone Part One: The Greasy Pole
Disraeli and Gladstone Part Two: Rivals for Power
Queen Victoria’s Coronation: A Botched Affair
The Fox Sisters: A Victorian Deception
William Powell Frith: A Victorian Chronicler
William Ernest Henley: Invictus
A Victorian Christmas
Victorian Eroticism
Victorian Spiritualism

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
Grace Darling: The Girl with the Windswept Hair
The Charge of the Light Brigade: Somebody Blundered

The Trials of Oscar Wilde
The Mystery of the Marie Celeste
The Retreat from Kabul: A Lesson from History
Battle of Isandlwana: The Humbling of Empire
Rorke’s Drift: Empire at Bay

Cawnpore: Massacre at the Bibighar
The Life of Mrs Beeton

Amelia Dyer: Baby Farming and Murder
The Victorian Workhouse: Paupers Prisons
Victorian Child Labour

Victoria and Albert
The Victorian Home
Victorian Style
The Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities
Memorial Portraiture: The Victorian Obsession with Death

Images of Empire
Images of the Great Exhibition: Britain in its Pomp

Victoria becomes Queen
Julia Margaret Cameron: Early Photographic Portraiture
The Bronte’s
Lizzie Siddal: An Artist’s Obsession
Elizabeth Butler: Portraits of War
John Martin: Painting the Apocalypse
Gustave Dore: Images of Victorian London
Christina Rossetti: Remember
Coventry Patmore: The Angel in the House
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

If (Rudyard Kipling)
Victorian Fairy Painting
Helen Allingham: A Rural Idyll

Who was Jack the Ripper?
Jack the Ripper: The Women

The Jack the Ripper Letters
Gordon of Khartoum
Henry Morton Stanley: Dr Livingstone, I presume
The Tay Bridge Disaster
The Cleveland Street Scandal

The Irish Famine
The Victoria Hall Tragedy
Spring-Heeled Jack: A Victorian Terror
The Death of the Princess Alice: Disaster on the Thames
Georgian and Victorian Artists: Painting the Industrial Landscape
Emily Bronte: The Bluebell
Henry John Newbolt: Vitai Lampada (Torch of Life)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How Do I Love Thee
Alfred, Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade

Rudyard Kipling: A Smuggler’s SongThe Illustrated London NewsThe Illustrated London News

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