Romulus and Remus

This is a legend about the founding of the city of Rome.

Romulus and Remus were the twin sons of Rhea Silvia and the god Mars. The king Amulius believed they were a threat to his rule and wanted them dead. To protect them, their mother abandoned them. She placed them in a basket and put them in the River Tiber, to float away.

While floating in the Tiber, the basket became caught on the rivers edge and was found by a she-wolf. The wolf nursed the babies, until they were found by a shepherd.

The shepherd raised the twins as his own children, and he told them the story of the wolf. When the twins became adults, they wanted to build a city where they had been found by the she-wolf.

They couldn’t however agree where the city should be built. Romulus wanted to build the city on Palatine Hill and Remus wanted it built on Aventine Hill.

This disagreement led to Romulus killing his brother Remus.

Romulus then built his city and named it after himself.

That city became Rome and it was founded in 753BC.

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