Roman Weapons

The Roman Army would march up to 20 miles a day. They would be heavily laden with weapons, armour and rations.

Roman Weapons

The Gladius (Sword)

This was a short sword no more than 50cm (14in) long and used for stabbing and slashing your enemy. It was much more effective in hand to hand combat than a longer weapon.

The Pilum (Javelin)

This was a 2m (6ft 7in) long spear used by Legionnaires. It was thrown and could puncture through a shield. It could not be removed from the shield for the enemy to throw back.

The Pugio (Dagger)

Roman Legionnaires used this as a sidearm and it was attached to their waist.

The Hasta (Spear)

This was a similar length to the Pilum and had an Iron head and a shaft made of Ash.

The Plumbata (Weighted Throwing Dart)

Scutum (Shield)

This was oval in shape or sometimes oblong, made of wood and was hung over the shoulder while marching.

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