Roman Men’s Clothing

Tunic (Tunica)

This was a short woollen garment worn by working class people (plebeians – plebs) and slaves.

It was also worn by High Ranking citizens but would be made of more expensive material eg: white wool, expensive linen and even silk.

Tunics of different colours and material would show citizens rank and title.

The tunic was a plain one-piece garment that sat just below the knees. It was sleeveless and belted at the waist. This could make it look like 2 separate pieces of clothing.


This was a large, long robe that was draped around the body. A lot of material was used to make a toga and this made it very heavy to wear.

Toga’s were only allowed to be worn by citizens of Rome and all citizens were expected to wear them for public events.

A toga like a tunic depicted a man’s wealth and status.

Wealthier more prominent citizens would wear toga’s made of linen, cotton and silk.

Adult male citizens would wear a plain off-white toga made of wool that was spun into cloth.

For magistrates, consuls and senators, this toga would have a purple border.

A black or dark toga would be worn at times when somebody had died.

Politicians would wear an artificially bleached toga. The white was expected to indicate that the politician could be trusted and therefore they would stand out from the crowd.

Generals that were victorious from campaigns and emperors wore a purple toga with gold embroidered thread.

Purple was the most expensive dye to create, therefore this showed the emperors importance and rank.

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