John Kipling
Ivan the Terrible

Notable Britons Who Fought in World War One
Mutiny on the Bounty: Captain Bligh’s Letter to his Wife
The Declaration of Arbroath
Harriet Tubman: Mother Moses
Belle Boyd: The Cleopatra of Secession
The Victoria Cross: For Valour
Two-Spirit World: Otherness in the Native American Tribes

Nechaev the Nihilist
Belle Starr: The Bandit Queen
Hitler as a Young Artist
French Revolutionary Calendar
Harris’s List: Prostitutes and Pimps Old London Town
Ravachol, Vaillant, Henry, and the Roots of Terror
The General Slocum: Tragedy on the East River
John Wesley Hardin: Shot a Man for Snoring
Death in Europe
Louise Michel: Heroine of the Commune

The Rani of Jhansi
The Mayerling Incident
Madame Roland: O Liberty!What Crimes are Committed in Thy Name!
Wild Bill Hickok
Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Deadly Deception
Massacre at Wounded Knee: Spirits in the Twilight
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

The Poor Laws
Quantrell’s Raiders
Anarchism: The First Great Terror

The 54th Massachusetts: Freedom Under Arms
The Gettysburg Address
Mad Ludwig: The Fairy Tale KingChamp Ferguson: Confederate Guerrilla
Doc Holliday: The Deadly Dentist
The Darien Expedition

The Commune: Paris in Flames
Edmund Ruffin: He Fired the First Shot
S.S Sultana: Death on the Mississippi
Nine of Diamonds: The Curse of Scotland
John Brown: The Taper Light of Freedom

Massacre at Glencoe: Murder Under Trust
Hollywood Glamour
Anne Bonny: A Pirate of the Caribbean
Jean-Paul Marat: The Great Denunciator
Mata Hari: Femme Fatale
Bloody Bill Anderson
Marquis de Sade: 101 Days of Sodom
The Donner Party: Death of a Wagon Train
Jesse James: The Last Rebel

Rose O’Neal Greenhow: Confederate Spy

Nat Turner: Slave Revolt
Salem Witch Trial
Charlotte Corday: Murderer of Marat
H.L Hunley: The First Submarine
Josephine de Beauhernais: Bonaparte’s Muse
Marie Antoinette: The Austrian Whore

Polari: The Language of Gay London
The Risorgimento
The Barbary Pirates
Calamity Jane

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