Medieval Toys

Children were raised with a strong emphasis on the work that they could do, however they were still given time to play and many toys are known to have been used in this period, however like all things the quality of the toy depended on the wealth of the parents.

Poorer children had simple home made toys, while wealthier families being able to afford toys often had them specially made.

Toys included:

Spinning tops: Made of wood. Some were round and others multi-sided.

Dolls (Poppets): Made from wood and/or cloth. Wealthier children’s dolls were more elaborate and contained more detail on the cloth such as embroidery.

Figurines: Made of ceramic in the shape of animals and soldiers.

Tea Sets: Made from ceramic and clay for the girls to play with.

Hobby Horses: Made from wood. Poorer families made them in the basic shape of a horse, but wealthier families had them made with more detail to look exactly like a horse.

Swords: Made of wood for the boys to pretend being a knight.

Rattles: Made of clay.

Marbles: Made of clay. A game was played where the marbles were rolled under arches to score points. The most points won the game.

Children played games such as chess, dice and card games. The boys also played archery and football.

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