FF – Six Wives of Henry VIII

Catherine of Aragon

Birth: 16 December 1485, Archbishop’s Palace, Alcala de Henares, Castile.

Marriage: Arthur, Prince of Wales in 1501 (Henry VIII’s elder brother)
Widow: 1502

Marriage: Henry VIII, 11 June 1509, Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London
Coronation: 24 June 1509, Westminster Abbey

Children: Stillborn daughter, 31 January 1510
Henry, Duke of Cornwall, 1 January 1511, died 22 February 1511
Unnamed son, 17 September 1513, died shortly after birth
Stillborn son, 8 January 1515
Mary (future Queen Mary), 18 February 1516
Unnamed daughter, 10 November 1518, died after a few days

Annulment: 23 May 1533, marriage declared invalid by Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury
Death: 7 January 1536, Kimbolton Castle, England
Burial: Peterborough Cathedral

Anne Boleyn

Birth: Around 1501

Marriage: Henry VIII, 25 January 1533 while Henry was still married to Catherine of Aragon. The marriage was finally declared valid five days after Henry and Catherine’s annulment on 28 May 1533
Coronation: 1 June 1533, Westminster Abbey

Children: Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth I), 7 September 1533
Son (miscarried) August 1534
Son (miscarried) 29 January 1536

Death: 19 May 1536, Beheaded, Tower of London
Burial: Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London

Jane Seymour

Birth: Around 1508

Marriage: Henry VIII, 30 May 1536, Palace of Whitehall, Whitehall, London
Proclamation: 4 June 1536

Children: Edward (future Edward VI), 12 October 1537

Death: 24 October 1537 (after childbirth), Hampton Court Palace, Richmond-upon-Thames
Burial: St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle

Anne of Cleves

Birth: 22 September 1515, Dusseldorf, Germany

Marriage: Henry VIII, 6 January 1540, Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, London
Annulment: 9 July 1540 (non-consummation)

Children: None

Death: 16 July 1557, Chelsea Old Manor, London
Burial: Westminster Abbey

Catherine Howard

Birth: Around 1523, Lambeth, London

Marriage: 28 July 1540, Oatlands Palace, London

Children: None

Death: 13 February 1542, Beheaded, Tower of London
Burial: Church of St Peter ad Vincula

Catherine Parr

Birth: 1512, Blackfriars, London

Marriage: Henry VIII (Catherine’s third husband) 12 July 1543, Hampton Court Palace, Richmond-upon-Thames

Children: None

Widow: 28 January 1547 (Death of Henry VIII)

Marriage: Thomas Seymour (Catherine’s fourth husband), late 1547

Children: Mary, 30 August 1548 (Catherine’s only child)

Death: 5 September 1548 (after childbirth), Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Burial: St Mary’s Chapel, Sudeley Castle


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