Ancient Greek Diet


Food in Ancient Greece consisted mainly of home-grown produce and was based around vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Many vegetables and fruit were grown and others grew wild. These included:

Onions and Fennel
Apples and Pears
Cherries and Damsons

Vegetables were often mashed or made into soups.

Grains and pulses were also eaten including garlic, chickpeas and lentils, and wheat and barley bread was made. Butter and cheese were also produced.

Fish was eaten including Sardines and Anchovies. For people living on the coast, shellfish was also caught and eaten. Although meat was eaten this would normally be pork, as other meats such as beef were very expensive.

Normally 3 or sometimes 4 meals were eaten daily.


This consisted of barley bread dipped in wine. Sometimes pancakes (tagenites) were made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey and curdled milk.


Again bread dipped in wine would be eaten, and also fruits, fresh fish and cheese. Poorer people often only ate dried fish.


Consisted of vegetables, fish, fruit. Sometimes honey cakes were also made.

Olives had many uses including its oil and was a very important part of the Greek diet. Honey was also important and used as a natural sweetener.

The main drink was water or diluted wine. It was not usual to drink undiluted wine.

Spartan Diet


Spartan diet did not vary greatly except for Spartan Warriors who ate soup called a Black Broth. This was made from pigs legs, pigs blood, salt and vinegar.

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