The History Community Website Founded October 2013, Rickmansworth, United Kingdom.

Some people may acquire for themselves a small footnote in history but for most of us it would appear that this is not so; that once we are dead all we did, all we said, and all we were will be forgotten and that the file on our lives will be closed.

This is far from the case for the existence of being is etched upon the very consciousness of mankind – once born we cannot cease to have been, and a life once lived cannot be redacted.

We exist and are captured in time and for all time.

We are in respect of time and place, past, present, and future, all prisoners of eternity.

History is not a science and its study can never be a forensic examination. It is fluid, it evolves, it adapts, and it constantly moves on. It is the subject of endless revision and reinterpretation as new facts emerge, new secrets are unearthed and that which has long been sewn into the fabric of our lives is revisited and unpicked.

In history evidence does not serve as proof, it never has and it never will, it only provides the source for further conjecture.

We can never know the vagaries of history we can only seek to understand them.

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