Viking Gods

The Viking’s did not really have a name for their religion at the time, although we now know they worshipped as Pagans.

Viking’s worshipped many gods, some of the more prominent are listed here.

There were two groups of gods:

Vanir – Fertility Gods

 Wise and skilled in Magical Arts.

Aesir – Warrior Gods

 Worshipped in War and Victory

The Gods enemy were the Giants. Viking’s believed the world would end with the final battle of Ragnarok, between Gods and Giants.

Odin – God of War (King of Gods)

Odin was the chief Viking God and God of the Aesir. He ruled Valhalla (Viking Heaven). This is where chosen warriors went after death.


All Viking’s worshipped and feared him.

Frigg – Goddess of Marriage and Protector of Children

She was Odin’s wife and the foremost goddess of the Aesir.

Friday is named after either Frigg or Freya.

Thor – God of Thunder

He was the son of Odin and the protector of the Land of the Gods from the Giants. He was the best loved and worshipped of the Gods and the strongest of all gods and of the Aesir. It is believed that thunder is the noise made when Thor is fighting the Giants with his hammer (Mjollnir). When Thor had the hammer, his strength increased.


Thor is the Germanic word for Thunder. Thursday is named after Thor.

Loki – God of Mischief and Lies (Also known as God of Fire)

Loki represented evil and is known for his trickery. He was the darkest of all Gods.


He possessed great knowledge of the world and was clever in making other Gods do as he wished. He ended up in betrayal against the Gods and Odin.

Baldur – God of Love, Peace and Forgiveness

Loki tricked Baldur’s brother Hohr into killing him with a spear of Mistletoe.

Frey – God of Prosperity and Fertility

A Vanir God.

Freya – Warrior Goddess of Love and Beauty

She was the most beloved and honoured among goddesses. Foremost goddess of the Vanir.

Idun – Goddess of Spring and Immortal Youth

She guarded the golden apples. The apples were eaten by Norse Gods to continue to let them live until Ragnarok.

Hel – Goddess of the Dead

She was the daughter of Loki, and she was to reign over the realm of the dead.

Valkyries – Warrior Maidens of Odin

They would choose the warriors who can enter Valhalla.

Valhalla – Hall of Slain Heroes (Viking Heaven)

This was an enormous majestic hall ruled over by Odin. There were hundreds of door at which fallen warriors could enter.

Ragnarok – The End of the World

This was to be the doom of all Gods and humans and the final battle between the Aesir and Vanir to end the world.

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