Viking Attack on Lindisfarne Priory

The first known Viking raid on Britain was in AD 793 when the Holy Island of Lindisfarne was attacked.

This island was one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in Britain and lies in Northern England on the Northumbria coast.

English monasteries were known for their treasures including famous books, manuscripts and art.

They were easy targets for the Viking’s as they were poorly guarded.

The Viking raid was quick and devastating. Anybody that got in their way was putting their lives in their own hands. Monks that interfered or tried to stop the raid were cut down where they stood or drowned in the sea. Some were also taken as slaves.

The Viking’s returned to Scandinavia laden with jewels, gold, silver, art and holy relics, as well as taking slaves. They were so heavily laden, they had no room to take the livestock, so they slaughtered them all and set fire to the island and its buildings before they left.

Today the monastery lies in ruins.

The Viking’s had arrived on British soil and would return time and again to both form settlements here and to ravage the country.

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