The Victorian Home

By Guest Author: Anne Lesley

Victorian homes would have been very different depending on whether you were wealthy, middle class or poor.

In early Victorian times lighter colour walls were preferred in most rooms with the exception of maybe the Library and the Dining Room where richer colours were used.

In later Victorian times however deeper tones were generally used giving a more warm and subdued atmosphere.

The rooms would be very fussy with heavily patterned with multiple wall coverings and oriental rugs. There would also be luxurious multiple layer window coverings and excessive ornamentation.

The fashion was for putting on display your possessions and generally there would be very little space and the rooms would be filled with ornaments and the walls covered with multiple pictures.

Wealthy homes would have used solid wood, luxurious fabric and marble fireplaces but there was a flourishing trade in cheaper versions that would simulate the real thing.

For example, middle class families would use Lincrusta which could be treated to look grained like solid wood and also Anaglypta which would be heavily painted and used as wall covering.

Victorians didn’t have their own specific design of furniture and instead modified many previous designs like Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan and Rococo.

Gothic and Rococo were the most common.

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