Anne Lesley: The Pages of Life

By Guest Author:

Everything becomes history from the moment it takes place, as soon as it is written, from the moment that we see it
There is modern history and old history, enjoyable history and cruel history

What makes us remember it, what keeps the memories alive
Some we wish we could forget but lingers in our mind

What do you know of your own history, the past of your life and family
Where do you come from, what makes you what you are today

What makes some glorious and others gruesome
What makes some forgotten and others famous

What makes some prosperous and others needy
What makes some generous and others greedy

You can be rich and still be poor
You can be good and still want more

We live the life that’s dealt us, the writings on the wall.
What makes some complacent and others strive for more.

Our life is but a journey
The ticking of the clock, seems faster as we age.

The beating of the heart
The turning of the page.

Copyright © 2015 Anne Lesley

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