Anne Lesley: The Haunting

By Guest Author:

The Haunting

To be haunted in life, can you never relax
Are you being watched, do you have to watch your back

The hunter is out in the open, they have no reason to hide
They want to see and be seen, to scare you in body and mind

Haunting is all around you, but where no one can tell
It can infiltrate your life and send your mind to hell

Can you avoid the hunter, when he is always in sight
Everywhere you go you see him, he watches both day and night

To live in fear of haunting, or when it may occur
Am I haunted for love or for hatred, will I be haunted for evermore

Do I follow the hunter, to discover why he hunts me
Then I become the hunter, will I ever be free

The haunter is always with me, I never feel alone
But I can never find him, no solid mass, no body or bone

I never wish to be hunted, haunting I can do without
Whether you see them or feel them, they are always out and about

Hunted or haunted, is there a difference, I leave you all to decide
In truth I hope never to meet them, at any point in my life

Copyright © 2015 Anne Lesley

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