Anne Lesley: The Bloodied Thorn

By Guest Author:

The Bloodied Thorn

Do you see a rose without a thorn?
That bloodies the hand that holds it.
The shining of its beauty,
A gracious flower blooming in glory.

No winner in war, only loser,
No glory to be held in that.
The thorn becomes many things,
All have bloodied hands.

The atrocities of war,
Man fighting man.
Still the thorn exists,
And bloodies many hands.

The thorn without the rose lives on,
Darkness thrives without the colour.
The body on the battlefield,
Death without dishonour.

Honour your country in war,
The battle thorn, be brave.
The rose petals fall,
As the lives they fade away.

The rose it reappears,
The thorn stays fast in place.
Man will forever go to war,
And end up in the grave.

Copyright © 2015 Anne Lesley

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