Colonel Blood: Stealing the Crown Jewels
Sir Anthony van Dyck: At the Court of King Charles I
The Mistresses of Charles II
Titus Oates: The Fake Popish Plot
Rob Roy MacGregor: A Highland Legend
Duke of Monmouth: The Bastard Son
King James Bible
Inferno: The Great Fire of London
The Gunpowder Plot

The Trial and Execution of Charles I: Right or Wrong?
The Regicides
The Diaries of Evelyn and Pepys
The Battle of Edgehill

Cromwell and the Rump
Propaganda: The War of Words
Prince Rupert’s Dog
Hopton and Waller: Friends Divided
Cromwell in Ireland
The Battle of Marston Moor

The Putney Debates
The Verneys: A Civil War Family
The Eikon Basilike
The Battle of Naseby
The Major-Generals

King Charles II: His Flight from Death
Brilliana Harley
The King’s Nemesis (Part One)

The King’s Dilemma
The Witch-finder General

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