Slaves in Ancient Egypt

Slaves were the poorest people in Egypt.

People became slaves by being taken in battle as a prisoner of war and bought to Egypt. If was possible to become a slave if you could not pay your debts and even poor families would sell their children into slavery, to make money. As slaves were well fed and cared for, some chose to become slaves.

Slaves worked in many jobs including:

-House Servants covering cooking, cleaning, childcare
-Gardeners and Field Hands
-Musicians and Dancers
-Scribes, if they were able to read and write

Slaves were often treated well, as they would be valuable if they had a trade. Slaves could become scribes if they were well educated and could read and write. Some are believed to have taken management of the master’s estate.

The worse job for a slave to be given was as a labourer in the quarries and mines. This work was back breaking and slaves doing this work died young, even though they were still well fed and cared for.

Slaves are responsible for the building of many pyramids and temples, some of which still remain today.


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