Roman Education

Plebeian or common children were rarely educated. They only learnt to read or write if their parents already had that ability. If able they would be taught at home.

Daughters would be taught to cook, make clothes and anything else that would make them into a good wife.

Boys would be taught a trade if their father had a trade.

These trades would include;

  • Farmer
  • Merchant
  • Craftsman
  • Entertainer

They also received physical training. This would include throwing a spear, fighting with a sword and riding a horse, if one owned a horse.

Children of wealthy parents were formally educated. Daughters were normally educated in the home and would learn to read and write, run a household, sew and play musical instruments.

Sons were often sent to school. They would be taught to read and write. At school they were taught History, Maths, Geography and Greek. They also studied Aristotle and Plato.

Wealthy children would also go hunting and fishing.

Wealthy sons could become Teachers, Lawyers or be educated to enter Government.

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