Roman Armour

There were variations in Roman Armour and different helmets would be worn. This would represent the position and rank a man held. Additions were also made in the latter period of Ancient Rome.

Helmet (Galea)

Made of Bronze and Iron with plates to protect the sides of the face.

Body Armour or Breastplate (Lorica Segmentata)

This was made up of many metal strips held together by metal pins or ties. It was very heavy and legionnaires often needed help to put it on and remove it.

Leg Armour/Greaves (Ocreae)

This was sheet metal of bronze or brass with leather lining worn on one leg. The shield protected the other leg.

Military Belt (Cingulum Militare)

This was worn around the waist and also held a legionnaires dagger.

Boots (Caligae)

These were made from several layers of leather to make them strong and durable. They had Hob Nails on the soles for marching over rough and uneven ground.

Cloak (Sagum)

Woollen cloak fastened across the shoulder.

Another type of cloak (Paenula)

Scarf (Focale)

A scarf worn around the neck to prevent rubbing from the helmet. This could also be worn around the body for warmth in colder climates.

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