Quiz 9 – Clues

1 Empress of Russia 1762 – 1796, the country’s longest ruling female leader.

2 Dutch diarist made famous after her death for her writings ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ written while hiding from the Nazi’s during World War II.

3 The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, who also went on to win a second time.

4 Married to Louis VII of France and later to Henry II of England.

5 Came to the throne of England at only 18 years of age and ruled for over 60 years.

6 Known as the founder of modern nursing.

7 Longest serving First Lady of the United States of America, as wife to the 32nd President.

8 Known as the ‘Maid of Orleans’.

9 First lady of Argentina 1946 – 1952, also known as Evita.

10 Queen of France, wife of Louis XVI.

11 Polish activist, who took German citizenship at the age of 28 and was a co-founder of the Communist Party of Germany.

12 Wife of the 1st Roman Emperor Augustus, throughout his reign.

13 American Civil Rights activist born at a time of racial segregation in America.

14 Political activist, leader of the British Suffragette movement, helping women to win the right to vote.

15 Wife of Henry II of France 1547 – 1559.

16 First female Prime Minister of India, assassinated in 1984.

17 Second wife of Henry VIII, beheaded in 1536.

18 Prime Minister of Pakistan assassinated in 2007.

19 Illegitimate but acknowledged daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

20 A Roman Catholic nun and missionary who spread god’s love throughout the world.

21 Last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, believed to have been poisoned to death by an asp.

22 Queen of England 1558 – 1603 known as the ‘Virgin Queen’ and ‘Good Queen Bess’.

23 British Celtic Queen who led an uprising against Roman rule around 60AD.

24 Roman Empress, wife of Emperor Claudius and mother of Emperor Nero.

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