Quiz 4 – Greece

1  Which Ancient Greek author wrote the Iliad?

2  What were generally regarded as the two most important city-states in Ancient Greece?

3  Who was the first Woman Olympian?

4  Name the King and Queen of the Olympian gods?

5  What were slaves in Sparta called?

6  Which two battles took place simultaneously in 480BC?

7  Which campaign is responsible for the first Persian Invasion of Greece?

8  Which Greek philosopher became a Roman citizen?

9  Phidias designed which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

10 The most important oracle in Ancient Greece was?

11 What was the traditional Greek military formation?

12 At which battle did the Spartan army get defeated by Theban forces?

13 Alexander the Great at age 13 – 16 was tutored by whom?

Quiz 4 – Answers

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