Quiz 3 – Roman

1  What are Plebians?

2  What is the name of the fighting arena in Rome?

3  Name the river that flows through Rome?

4  What are Roman shoes made of?

5  Name two main items of Roman clothing?

6  What was the leader in Rome called?

7  People imprisoned following battle were sold as what?

8  What were fighters in the arena called?

9  Who were the 5 Emperors of the Claudian Dynasty?

10 In who’s reign was ‘The Great Fire of Rome’?

11 Who was the first Roman Emperor?

12 Who was the longest reigning Emperor?

13 Which Emperor created the Colosseum?

14 Was Julius Caesar an Emperor or a Dictator?

15 What was the government of Ancient Rome called?

16 Who married both Emperor Claudius and Emperor Caligula?

Quiz 3-Answers

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