Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood
Joseph Chamberlain and Tariff Reform
Ulrike Meinhoff and the Red Army Faction
Eva Braun: Frau Hitler

The Suffragettes: Votes for Women
Joseph Goebbels Part One: The Propagandist
Joseph Goebbels Part Two: The Poison Dwarf
Wartime Rationing
Women of the S.O.E: Murdered by the Nazis
World Middleweight Boxing 1940-60
Battle of the Somme: The First Day
Empress Elisabeth: Another Hapsburg Tragedy
The Zimmerman Telegram
Rosa Luxembourg: Red Rosa

Bodyline: Bradman, Jardine and the Ashes
Ante Pavelic: The Butcher of the Balkans
Huey Long: The Kingfish
Upton Sinclair: A Socialist Governor for California

The Slapton Sands Tragedy
The Abdication Crisis
WW1 Posters: Recruitment and Propaganda
Lord Haw Haw: Germany Calling! Germany Calling!
Bela Kiss: The Beast of Cinkota
Ku Klux Klan: The Rise and Fall of the Invisible Empire

The Dreyfus Affair
Tsar Nicholas II: The Last of the Romanovs

Emma Goldman: The Most Dangerous Woman in America
Wannsee Conference: The Final Solution
The Stonewall Riots
Pius XII: A Pope Shrouded in Darkness
Barcelona, May 1937: A Revolution Betrayed

Italy in World War One: Death in the Snow
The Death of Pope John Paul I: Murder and Corruption in the Holy City

Prisoners of the Japanese

The Amritsar Massacre: Shame of an Empire
Scott of the Antarctic

Philippe Petain: Vichy and Collaboration
Sophie Scholl: Guillotined by the Nazis

The Nazi Olympics
Prohibition: A Great Moral Re-Awakening

Escape from Alcatraz
Lenin: An Assassination Delayed

Operation Valkyrie: The Plot to Assassinate the Fuhrer
Sir Roger Casement: The Black Diaries

Amelia Earhart: The Lady Lindy
The Night of the Long Knives: Hitler’s Purge
The Scopes Monkey Trial: Darwin in the Dock
Hitler’s Last Days: Twilight of the Gods
Kristallnacht: The Night of the Broken Glass

Churchill Ousted: 1945 Khaki Election
Eva Peron: Evita

The Diary of Anne Frank
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: A Donkey Leading Lions?
Canary Girls

Jack Johnson: and the Great White Hope
Titanic III: In the Eye of God
Dr Josef Mengele: The Angel of Death
Hitler’s Quislings Part One: Anton Mussert

Nazi Racial Hygiene: The Murder of the Innocents
Dunkirk: A Miracle of Deliverance
Emily Davison: The Derby Day Martyr
Eddie Slovik: Shot at Dawn
The Martrdom of Nurse Edith Cavell
Gavrilo Princip: The Consumptive Assassin

Lord Kitchener: Your Country Needs You!
The Legion of St George: Briton’s who Fought for the Nazi’s
Oswald Mosley: Britain’s Fuhrer?
The Assassination of Heydrich
Wilhelm Gustloff: The Greatest Maritime Disaster
The Roswell Incident: Aliens in New Mexico
The Scottsboro Boys
Hirohito: The Emperor’s New Clothes
The Hindenburg Disaster
Heinrich Himmler: Hitler’s Executioner

Johann Georg Elser: Killing Hitler
Einsatzgruppen: Nazi Death Squads
The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
Young Adolf: The Adolescent Hitler and Beyond
Rasputin: The Devil made Flesh

D.C Stephenson and the Decline of the Klan
Titanic: Struck an Iceberg, Shook the World
Titanic II: Finding the Dead

Pals Battalions and the Thankful Village
Magda Goebbels: First Lady of the Third Reich

Benito Mussolini: Duce
Irma Grese and Ilse Koch: Daughters of Satan

Alexandra Federovna: The Last Tsarina
Those Who Hanged at Nuremburg
August Stramm: Battlefield/Attack/War Grave
Laurence Binyon: For the Fallen
Siegfried Sassoon: Suicide in the Trenches
Wilfred Owen: Dulce et Decorum est
Rupert Brooke: The Soldier
John McCrae: In Flanders Fields

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