Peasants’ Revolt

The Agincourt Carol
Battle of Agincourt: An Eyewitness Account
Queen Eleanor’s Cross
The Declaration of Arbroath
Isabella of Fife: Crowning The Bruce
Satan Rising: The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe
Alfred the Great
Magna Carta: A Charter for all Time
Gilles de Rais: A Medieval Serial Killer
Medieval Medicine

Hereward the Wake: The Last Saxon Hero
Simon de Montford: The Provisions of Oxford
Matilda, Queen of England?
The Fall of Constantinople
Lucrezia Borgia: Lust, Jealousy, Poison, and Murder
The Origin of Hallowe’en: A Pagan Festival
Owain Glyndwr: The Welsh Dragon
Catherine de Medici: Madame Snake
The Horns of Hattin: Islam Triumphant
The First Crusade: Deus Volte!

Thomas Becket: Murdered in the Cathedral
Observing the Murder of Thomas Becket
William Wallace: Braveheart
The Cadaver Synod
The Spanish Inquisition: Torquemada, Torture, and Death
Towton: The Bloodiest Battle
Harold II: The Last Saxon King of England
Robert the Bruce: The Spirit of Scotland
Savonarola: The Bonfire of the Vanities
Vlad the Impaler: The Real Dracula

The Black Death: The Brink of the Apocalypse
Nostradamus: Prophet or Charlatan?
A Medieval Christmas
The Knights Templar: Warriors of Christ
Joan of Arc: Maid of Orleans
Richard I: Couer de Lion
King John Lackland: The Idiot Son
Queen Isabella II: The She-Wolf of France
Caterina Sforza: The Lady of Imola
Richard II: The Boy who would be King

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