Medieval Drinks

During the middle ages, it was unsafe to drink the water so other beverages had to be found.

The most common drink in England during this period was beer or ale. This drink was made from oats, barley or wheat. The quality of it depended on the grain used.

It was mostly drank when freshly produced, as it had no preservatives.

Mead was also drank; this was made by fermenting honey and water. Often fruit and spices were added to the mead.

Wine was popular in the medieval period, however in England and the Northern Territories it was expensive so only drank by the wealthy. Even then it was normally watered down. The quality of the wine depended on the grapes used and how many grape pressings it had gone through.

Milk was kept for children and the elderly although this was normally in the form of buttermilk as there were no preserving agents for milk.

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