Knights of the Round Table

There is much variation in the story of the Knights of the Round Table as there is in all Arthurian legend. It is believed that there were twelve main knights, however some stories state that there may have been well over one hundred.

King Arthur was the leader, and his main knights were;

Sir Lancelot
Sir Percivale
Sir Galahad
Sir Gawain
Sir Geraint
Sir Bors the Younger
Sir Lamorak
Sir Kay
Sir Gareth
Sir Bedivere
Sir Gaheris
Sir Tristan

The Knights of the Round Table were classed as the elite of British knights; they lived with Arthur at his castle, Camelot.

The knights were well trained, looked gallant in their armour and were able to show off their skills at jousting tournaments at Camelot. This gave them the opportunity to improve their skills for battle.

To become a Knight of the Round Table, a knight had to prove himself worthy. He had to swear an oath, the ‘Code of Chivalry’. This was an agreement of honour, valour, courtesy, generosity and gallantry towards women.

They would protect ladies and gentlewomen, fight for king and crown, and undertake dangerous quests.

The name round table derived from the table itself. It was specially constructed, maybe even magically made, by the wizard Merlin. The table was round, therefore had no head. This implied that all that sat at the table had equal status. The size of the table is disputed as it was made to seat all of the Knights of the Round Table.

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