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Ancient Greece
Women in Athens
Women in Sparta
Men in Athens
Men in Sparta
Children in Athens
Children in Sparta
Education in Athens
Education in Sparta
Toys in Ancient Greece
Homes in Athens
Homes in Sparta
Marriage in Athens
Marriage in Sparta
Ancient Greek Clothing
Jewellery in Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Diet
Festivals in Ancient Greece
Festivals in Sparta
Slaves in Athens
Slaves in Sparta
Social Status and Government in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Compendium
Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses
The Delphic Oracle
The Olympic Games
Heraean Games
Cynisca – 1st Woman Olympian
Helen of Troy
The Trojan War
Ancient Greek Army, Armour and Weapons
Alexander the Great
Fact File 3 – Alexander the Great
Ionian Revolt
Battle of Lade
Battle of Marathon
Battle of Thermopylae
Battle of Artemisium
Battle of Salamis
Battle of Plataea
Battle of Leuctra

Ancient Rome
What did Roman men wear?
What did Roman women wear?
Roman Shoes
Roman Children
Roman Education
Roman Toys
Roman Family Life
Roman Jewellery
Roman Diet
Roman Slaves
Roman Baths
Roman Colosseum
Roman Armour
Roman Weapons

Roman Emperors and Others
Marc Antony
Julius Caesar
Emperor Augustus
Emperor Tiberius
Emperor Caligula
Emperor Claudius
Emperor Nero
Emperor Vespasian
Emperor Trajan
Emperor Hadrian
Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Emperor Commodus

Roman Compendium
Roman Emperor Timeline
Roman Gods
Hadrian’s Wall

Prominent Romans
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Younger

Quotes – Julius Caesar
Quotes – Marcus Aurelius
Quotes – Pliny the Elder
Quotes – Cicero

Fact File 1 – Julius Caesar

The Vikings
Viking Clothing
Viking Family Life
Viking Diet
Viking Feasts
Viking Slaves
Viking Warriors
Viking Weapons and Armour
Viking Ships
Viking Attack on Lindisfarne Priory
Viking Gods
Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Army and Weapons
Ancient Egyptian Government and Legal System
Slaves in Ancient Egypt
Social Status in Ancient Egypt
Marriage in Ancient Egypt
Children in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Diet
Houses in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery and Make-up
Clothing in Ancient Egypt

Pharoahs and Others
Amenhotep III
Amenhotep IV-Akhenaten
Tutankhamun and ‘The Curse’
Ramesses II
Hieroglyphs and the ‘Rosetta Stone’
Ancient Egyptian Gods A-Z

Fact File 2-River Nile