FF – Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

- A passionate Public Speaker

- He was a Historian and wrote books about his Military Campaigns. He also wrote Poetry

- Kidnapped by Pirates in 75BC and held prisoner until ransom was paid

- He initiated the Julian Calendar we use today. The month of July is named after him

- A Brilliant Military Leader who was never defeated in a major battle

- Conquered Gaul (modern day France)

- Awarded a Triumph (celebration) following the conquest of Gaul

- A Roman General and Politician

- Shared power with Crassus and Pompey and ruled as a Triumvirate (three way power sharing)

- When crossing the Rubicon River he stated ‘The die is cast’

- Became Consul of Rome in 59BC

- Named ‘Imperator’ (Great Military Leader) in 60BC

- A Roman Dictator with Divine Honours

- Married three times

- Cornelia Cinna Minor (Married 84BC – Died in Childbirth 69BC)
- Pompeia (Married 68BC – Divorced 63BC)
- Calpurnia Pisonis (Married 59BC – Survived Caesar)

 - Julia (Born 82BC – Died 54BC) His only child in Marriage, married Pompey Magnus
 - Brutus (Born 85BC – Died 42BC) Son from affair with Servillia Capionis
 - Caesarian (Born 47BC – Death unknown) Son from affair with Cleopatra
 - Octavian – Later to become Emperor Augustus (Born 63BC – Died 14AD) Adopted son and heir

- Died on 15 March 44BC, later to become known as the ‘Ides of March’

- Stabbed more than twenty times by Senators while in the Senate, with his own son Brutus being one of those wielding a knife.

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