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Witnessing Pickett’s Charge
Titanic IV: Searching for Bodies (A Captain’s Account)
Winston Churchill: We Shall Never Surrender
Churchill’s Finest Hour Speech
Churchill’s V-E Day Address
The Salem Witch Trials: Witnessing Hysteria
Anne Boleyn’s Speech on the Scaffold
Anne Boleyn: On the Scaffold
Anne Boleyn’s Last Letter to Henry VIII

Katharine of Aragon’s Last Letter to Henry VIII
Chamberlain’s Announcement of War
A Hanging in 18th Century London
Meeting Attila and His Huns
Mussolini’s Declaration of War: Ignoble Gesture
Christmas on the Western Front, 1914: A Soldiers Account
The Death of Socrates: According to Plato
Erwin Rommel Chooses Suicide: (His Son’s Account)
The Execution of Mata-Hari
Hitler Receives Britain’s Ultimatum

Great Fire of London: Diary Extracts
The Execution of Mary, Queen Scots: An Account
The Druids: According to Caesar
Battle of Agincourt: An Eyewitness Account
The Agincourt Carol
Observing the Murder of Thomas Becket
A Meeting with Bloody Mary
Henry VIII: A Description (1515)
Abraham Lincoln: A Description
Queen Victoria’s Coronation Journal

Sergei Nechaev’s Revolutionary Catechism
Eyewitness to Camerone
Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood Speech Full Text
Pericles Funeral Oration
The Victoria Cross: For Valour
Ravachol’s Forbidden Speech
Opening Lines to Classic Books
Battle of Britain: 10 July – 15 September/31 October 1940
The Declaration of Arbroath
Mutiny on the Bounty: Captain Bligh’s Letter to his Wife