Daily Life in the Middle Ages

Much emphasis was placed on social standing in the Middle Ages. A nobles life varied dramatically with a peasants life, and country life varied greatly with city life.

Wealthy Nobles and Lords

A noble spent his time governing his lands and estate and looking after his workers. A noble owned everything on his estate including his workers.

He was also involved in political matters and decisions. Depending on his status, this could be local government or issues of national government.

Nobles also spent time hunting, enjoying the arts and entertaining and attending church mass and prayers.

Peasants and Farmers

This was a hard life whether you lived in the city or the country. The poorer classes worked from dawn ‘til dusk. There was no time for pleasurable activities and entertainment.

A farmer lived on his masters estate and was unable to leave the estate without the masters permission.

As well as farming the masters land and looking after the crops, they also had to farm their own land on the estate to produce their own crops for food.

In the cities, worked craftsmen, merchants, bakers and lawyers. Social status varied across the many jobs, but they still worked long arduous hours with little time for any other pleasure.

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