Siege of Vienna (1529): The Devil Let Loose
Siege of Vienna (1683): Enemy at the Gates
Pipers of War
The Victoria Cross: For Valour
Nelson and Trafalgar: England Expects
Pearl Harbor: Tora! Tora! Tora!

HMS Royal Oak: Tragedy at Scapa Flow
Battle of Camerone: Birth of a Legend
Eyewitness to Camerone
Lydia Litvyak: The White Rose of Stalingrad
Battle of Omdurman: Blood in the Sand
Erwin Rommel Part One: The Desert Fox
Erwin Rommel Part II: The Poison Chalice
Erwin Rommel Chooses Suicide: (His Son’s Account)
Champ Ferguson: Confederate Guerrilla
Notable Britons Who Fought in World War One

Christmas on the Western Front, 1914: A Soldiers Account
Battle of Britain: The Few
Unit 731: A Vile Contagion
Kamikaze: Divine Wind
The Dambusters: Operation Chastise
S.S City of Benares: Murder of the Innocents
The Battle of Adowa
War in the Vendee
Battle of Verdun: Hell on Earth
The Siege of Mafeking

The Arctic Convoys
The Battle of Tsu Shima
The Battle of Brandy Station
The Alamo: A Fight to the Death
The Battle of the Boyne
Aboukir, Cressy, and Hogue
Custer’s Last Stand
Pickett’s Charge
Witnessing Pickett’s Charge
Gallipoli: The Dardanelles Campaign

The Battle of Jutland: Clash of the Titans
The Lancastria: Churchill’s Dark Secret
World War One: The Last Days
The Blitz
Bonaparte’s Death March: The Retreat from Moscow
The Battle of Waterloo: A damn close run thing
General James Wolfe: And the Heights of Abraham
The Fall of Singapore; and the End of Empire
The Zeppelin: Terror from the Skies
Gas Attack!

Lusitania: Murder on the High Seas
Sinking the Bismarck: The Death of a Behemoth
The Christmas Truce
Andersonville: Confederate Death Camp
The Red BaronThe Charge of the Light Brigade: Somebody Blundered
Battle of Isandlwana: The Humbling of Empire
Rorke’s Drift: Empire at Bay
The Battle of Edgehill
The Battle of Marston Moor
The Battle of Naseby

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