Anne Lesley: Changing Seasons

By Guest Author:


The morning light and early dawn,
Spring is the start of the year

The dark and cold we leave behind,
Light long days appear

Birds arrive from winter flight,
They become so full of song

The garden evolves before our eyes,
Rainbow of colours, bright and strong

The rain it makes the grass so lush,
Beautiful and green

It brightens our live for the year ahead,
The changing colours of a spring scene


Summer sun it shines so bright,
In piercing blue sky

The beauty it brings to all around,
Creates a carnival of life

Laze away on hot hazy days,
Watching crisp white clouds float by

Birds they soar overhead
Owning the sky in which they fly

The moonlight in the clear night sky
Stars for all to see

View them while we dream away,
And contemplate the summer scene.


The beauty of an autumn view,
The reds, russets and browns

The wind it whistles through the trees
To make many a haunting sound

The birds leave us for shores afar,
To not return so soon

Warm weather they crave we do not have,
Just our chilly autumn gloom

The changing colours do not last long,
The leaves fall from the trees

Autumn goes, dark nights roll in,
To prepare us for a winter scene


Looking out at the snow on a cold winter morn,
So crisp, untouched and bright

Not a footprint can be viewed afar,
Just a picturesque scene of white

The flakes they fall like silk in the sky,
To cover the landscape so deep

Beautiful while it remains so pure,
Alas that beauty we cannot keep

Droplets fall from the crisp white trees,
The ground reappears from beneath

Melting away so quickly it leaves us,
Setting in for the new spring scene

Copyright © 2015 Anne Lesley

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