Elizabeth I: The Woodstock Verse

Good Queen Bess: The Coronation of Elizabeth I
King Henry VIII: Though some say that youth rules me
Henry VIII: A Description (1515)
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
Sir Francis Drake: Singeing the King of Spain’s Beard
Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England
Young Henry (VIII)
John Foxe Actes and Monuments: The Book of Martyrs
Queen Elizabeth I: The Tilbury Address
The Marian Burnings: And the Book of Martyrs

Sir Thomas More: A Martyr to Conscience
Elizabeth Barton: The Holy Maid of Kent
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn’s Last Letter to Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn: On the Scaffold
Anne Boleyn’s Speech on the Scaffold
Katharine of Aragon’s Last Letter to Henry VIII
Spanish Armada: The Enterprise of England
The Earl of Essex: Betrayal and Treason
Bloody Mary

A Meeting with Bloody Mary
The Princes in the Tower
The Last Days of Elizabeth I
Lady Jane Grey: The Nine Day Queen
Sir Walter Raleigh: An Elizabethan Adventurer
Mary, Queen of Scots
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots: An Account
Sir Thomas Wyatt: Whoso List to Hunt
John Donne: The Flea
Sir Walter Raleigh: A Life


Emperor Tiberius: The Bloodless Bureaucrat
Meeting Attila and His Huns
Pericles Funeral Oration
The Death of Socrates: According to Plato
The Story of Salome
Jezebel: The Whore of Baal
Olympias: Mother of Alexander
Hypatia: A Woman of Substance
Locusta: The Poisoner of Rome
The Destruction of Pompeii

Roman Diet
Livia: First Empress of Rome
Emperor Commodus: The Gladiator
Life of a Roman Slave
Augustus: First Emperor of Rome
The Emperor Hadrian
Roman Law
First Romano-Jewish War
Vespasian: The Year of the Four Emperors

The Battle of Thermopylae
Hannibal: The Man Sworn to Romes Destruction
Julius Caesar: Beware the Ides of March
The Lost Legions: Massacre in the Teutoburg Forest
The Vikings
The Emperor Nero: Fiddling While Rome Burned
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Caractacus: The Indomitable Celt
Akhenaten: The Heretic Pharaoh

Druids: The Celtic Priesthood
The Druids: According to Caesar
Caligula: The Mad Emperor
The Vestal Virgins
The Empress Theodora
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh
Boudicca: Warrior Queen of the Iceni
Agrippina and Messalina: Rivals for Power
Constantine I: The Vision of the Cross
Elagabalus: The Queen of Rome


Peasants’ Revolt

The Agincourt Carol
Battle of Agincourt: An Eyewitness Account
Queen Eleanor’s Cross
The Declaration of Arbroath
Isabella of Fife: Crowning The Bruce
Satan Rising: The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe
Alfred the Great
Magna Carta: A Charter for all Time
Gilles de Rais: A Medieval Serial Killer
Medieval Medicine

Hereward the Wake: The Last Saxon Hero
Simon de Montford: The Provisions of Oxford
Matilda, Queen of England?
The Fall of Constantinople
Lucrezia Borgia: Lust, Jealousy, Poison, and Murder
The Origin of Hallowe’en: A Pagan Festival
Owain Glyndwr: The Welsh Dragon
Catherine de Medici: Madame Snake
The Horns of Hattin: Islam Triumphant
The First Crusade: Deus Volte!

Thomas Becket: Murdered in the Cathedral
Observing the Murder of Thomas Becket
William Wallace: Braveheart
The Cadaver Synod
The Spanish Inquisition: Torquemada, Torture, and Death
Towton: The Bloodiest Battle
Harold II: The Last Saxon King of England
Robert the Bruce: The Spirit of Scotland
Savonarola: The Bonfire of the Vanities
Vlad the Impaler: The Real Dracula

The Black Death: The Brink of the Apocalypse
Nostradamus: Prophet or Charlatan?
A Medieval Christmas
The Knights Templar: Warriors of Christ
Joan of Arc: Maid of Orleans
Richard I: Couer de Lion
King John Lackland: The Idiot Son
Queen Isabella II: The She-Wolf of France
Caterina Sforza: The Lady of Imola
Richard II: The Boy who would be King


The Glorious Revolution

Colonel Blood: Stealing the Crown Jewels
Sir Anthony van Dyck: At the Court of King Charles I
The Mistresses of Charles II
Titus Oates: The Fake Popish Plot
Rob Roy MacGregor: A Highland Legend
Duke of Monmouth: The Bastard Son
King James Bible
Inferno: The Great Fire of London
Great Fire of London: Diary Extracts
The Gunpowder Plot

The Trial and Execution of Charles I: Right or Wrong?
The Regicides
The Diaries of Evelyn and Pepys
The Battle of Edgehill
Cromwell and the Rump
Propaganda: The War of Words
Prince Rupert’s Dog
Hopton and Waller: Friends Divided
Cromwell in Ireland
The Battle of Marston Moor

The Putney Debates
The Verneys: A Civil War Family
The Eikon Basilike
The Battle of Naseby
The Major-Generals
King Charles II: His Flight from Death
Brilliana Harley
The King’s Nemesis (Part One)
The King’s Dilemma
The Witch-finder General


Abraham Lincoln: A Description
The Illustrated London News
Edgar Allan Poe: An Eternal Mourning
Robert Browning: My Last Duchess
Victorian Death
Rudyard Kipling: Mandalay
The Pre-Raphaelites
William Henry Hunt: The Victorian Watercolour
The Chartists
Joseph Chamberlain and Tariff Reform

Disraeli and Gladstone Part One: The Greasy Pole
Disraeli and Gladstone Part Two: Rivals for Power
Queen Victoria’s Coronation: A Botched Affair
Queen Victoria’s Coronation Journal
The Fox Sisters: A Victorian Deception
William Powell Frith: A Victorian Chronicler
William Ernest Henley: Invictus
A Victorian Christmas
Victorian Eroticism
Victorian Spiritualism

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
Grace Darling: The Girl with the Windswept Hair
The Charge of the Light Brigade: Somebody Blundered
The Trials of Oscar Wilde
The Mystery of the Marie Celeste
The Retreat from Kabul: A Lesson from History
Battle of Isandlwana: The Humbling of Empire
Rorke’s Drift: Empire at Bay
Cawnpore: Massacre at the Bibighar
The Life of Mrs Beeton

Amelia Dyer: Baby Farming and Murder
The Victorian Workhouse: Paupers Prisons
Victorian Child Labour
Victoria and Albert
The Victorian Home
Victorian Style
The Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities
Memorial Portraiture: The Victorian Obsession with Death
Images of Empire
Images of the Great Exhibition: Britain in its Pomp

Victoria becomes Queen
Julia Margaret Cameron: Early Photographic Portraiture
The Bronte’s
Lizzie Siddal: An Artist’s Obsession
Elizabeth Butler: Portraits of War
John Martin: Painting the Apocalypse
Gustave Dore: Images of Victorian London
Christina Rossetti: Remember
Coventry Patmore: The Angel in the House
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Rudyard Kipling: If
Victorian Fairy Painting
Helen Allingham: A Rural Idyll
Who was Jack the Ripper?
Jack the Ripper: The Women
The Jack the Ripper Letters
Gordon of Khartoum
Henry Morton Stanley: Dr Livingstone, I presume
The Tay Bridge Disaster
The Cleveland Street Scandal

The Irish Famine
The Victoria Hall Tragedy
Spring-Heeled Jack: A Victorian Terror
The Death of the Princess Alice: Disaster on the Thames
Georgian and Victorian Artists: Painting the Industrial Landscape
Emily Bronte: The Bluebell
Henry John Newbolt: Vitai Lampada (Torch of Life)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How Do I Love Thee
Alfred, Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade
Rudyard Kipling: A Smuggler’s Song