Battle of Ferrybridge

The Battle of Ferrybridge was a small engagement between the Houses of York and Lancaster, that took place before the larger Battle of Towton.

After proclaiming himself king, Edward IV marched his army north towards the Lancastrian position in Yorkshire, while his Yorkist leader Earl of Warwick, led the vanguard to force a crossing that had previously been destroyed by Lancastrian forces, on the River Aire at Ferrybridge.

On 27 March 1461, Warwick arrived and set to work. He would lose many men, both to the freezing water and the hail of arrows from a small Lancastrian force on the other side of the river.

The following morning a Lancastrian force under the command of John, Lord Clifford and John, Lord Neville ambushed Yorkist forces at Ferrybridge and the Yorkist army suffered heavy losses; Warwick himself was injured.

After Edward IV arrived with the main army, Warwick sent Lord Fauconberg to pursue the Lancastrian force under Lord Clifford, to where they crossed the river at Castleford. A fierce battle took place and Lord Clifford was killed.

There was no clear victor at the Battle of Ferrybridge, but for such a small engagement as many as 3,000 soldiers may have died.

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