Ancient Greek Clothing

Clothing in Ancient Greece was very simply made with little sewing involved, although they did spend time dying the clothes to bright colours. It was made mainly from linen and wool and occasionally wealthy Greeks made clothing from silk. Clothing was mainly draped around the body and fastened with clasps, pins or buttons.


A tunic garment made of light linen worn by both men and women. It was a large, wide rectangular piece of material that was secured along the upper arms and shoulders by metal clasps or pins. Chitons were normally worn as an ankle length garment and could be belted at the waist. Sometimes shorter Chitons were worn by slaves and people competing in athletics.


An ankle length garment worn mainly by women. It could be worn on its own and belted at the waist but was mainly worn over the Chiton. It was a square piece of cloth folded and secured at the shoulders and left open down one side of the body.


An outer garment made of heavier linen or wool. It was a rectangular piece of material that was passed under the left arm and secured at the right shoulder. In cold weather this was often wrapped around the body more than once.


A garment worn by men while out hunting or on military duty. A cloak fastened at the right shoulder by a brooch or button.



A band of wool or linen wrapped across a woman’s breast and worn as a type of bra.


A triangular loincloth sometimes worn as underwear by both men and women.


Leather shoes and boots were worn outside the home. Greeks mainly went barefoot while in the home.


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