Ancient Egyptian Gods A – Z

Aker – God of Earth and Horizon
Ammit – Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Underworld, Goddess who devoured condemned souls
Amenhotep – Son of Hapu, scribe and architect. He was known for his wisdom
Am-hen – Dangerous underworld God
Amun – Creator God, Air God
Amunet – Female counterpart of Amun, Air God
Anat – War and Fertility Goddess
Anhur – God of War and Hunting
Anti – Falcon God
Anubis – God of Embalming and Protector of the Dead
Anuket – Goddess of Egypt’s Southern Frontier Regions
Apedemak – Warlike Lion God
Apep – Serpent Deity who personified Malevolent Chaos
Apis – Live Bull worshipped as a God
Arensnuphis Nubian Deity
Ash – God of the Libyan Desert
Astante – Warrior Goddess of Sexuality
Aten – Sun Disc Deity and Sole God
Atum – Creator God and Solar Deity

Baal – Sky and Storm God, God of Thunder
Ba’alat Gebal – A Caananite Goddess
Babi – A Baboon God for Sexuality and Aggression
Banebdjedet – Ram God
Ba-Pef – Underworld Deity
Bastet – Goddess represented as a Cat or Lioness, linked with Fertility and Protection from Evil
Bat – Cow Goddess
Bennu – Solar and Creator Deity, depicted as a Bird
Bes – God represented as a Dwarf, important in protecting Children and Women in Childbirth
Buchis – Live Bull God

Dedun – Nubian God

Geb – Earth God

Ha – God of the Libyan Desert
Hapi – Nile God
Hathor – Goddess linked to the Sun, Sexuality, Motherhood, Music, Dance and Joy
Hatmehit – Fish Goddess
Hedetet – Scoprion Goddess
Hen – Frog God of Infinity
Heket – Frog Goddess
Heryshaf – Ram Headed God
Hesat – Maternal Cow Goddess
Horus – Falcon Headed God

Iah – Moon God
Iat – Goddess of Milk and Nursing
Ihy – God of Music and Joy
Imentet – Afterlife Goddess
Imhotep – God of Medicine
Ishtar – Goddess of War and Sexuality
Isis – Goddess of Love

Kek – Frog God
Keket – Frog Goddess of Darkness
Khepri – Solar Creator God, Scarab God
Kherty – Netherworld God
Khnum – Ram God
Khonsu – Moon God

Maahes – Lion God
Maat – Goddess of Justice, Truth and Order
Mafdet – Goddess to Destruction and Execution
Mandulis – Sun God
Mehit – Lioness Goddess
Menhit – Lioness Goddess of War
Mehen – Serpent God
Mehet-Weret – Cow Goddess
Meretseger – Cobra Goddess
Meskhenet – Goddess of Childbirth
Min – God of Virility
Mnevis – Bull God
Montu – God of War and Sun
Mut – Mother Goddess

Nehebu-Kau – Serpent God
Neith – Goddess of War
Nekhbet – Vulture Goddess
Neper – God of the Harvest
Nephthys – Goddess of Divine Assistance
Nu – Personification of Formless, Watery Disorder
Nut – Goddess of the Sky

Osiris – God of Death
Onuris – War God

Pakhet – Lion Goddess of War
Ptah – Creator God of Memphis

Qetesh – Goddess of Sexuality
Ra – Supreme Solar God
Raet-Tawy – Solar Goddess
Renenutet – Cobra Goddess
Reshep – God of War

Sekhmet – Lioness of War
Selket – Scorpion Goddess
Sepa – Centipede God
Seshat – Goddess of Writing
Sesmu – Lion God of Execution
Set – God of Evil
Shai – God of Destiny
Shed – Protector Child God
Shu – God of the Wind
Sokar – God of the Underworld
Sothis – Star Goddess

Tefnut – Goddess of Rain
Thoth – God of Knowledge

Wadjet – Cobra Goddess

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